Whitman Sports Guide – How to Play, Watch, and Support


Brought to you by our Whitman All-Sports Boosters Club (www.wwasbc.com) 

We support our JV/Varsity Sports! 


How to PLAY: 

  • www.WhitmanAthletics.net:  Info here includes team schedules, registration info, try-out dates, links to MCPS-required forms, Whitman Athletics FAQ sheet, coach info, and more.  (This website is linked to the top of our general Whitman website too.) 

How to WATCH: 

  • www.WhitmanAthletics.net:  To find JV/Varsity game schedules, click on the season (Fall, Winter, Spring) at the top of the homepage and then the desired team’s name.  
  • X – @WWHSAthletics:  Our Athletic Director Bill Toth tweets current updates here.  
  • “NFHS Network” app and www.NFHSNetwork.com:  Many of our games are livestreamed!  Simply subscribe and “Follow” Whitman.  You can even sync the schedules to your e-calendar.   
  • “GoFan” app:  Use this app to buy tickets to cheer on our Vikings in person.  All ticket sales now go through GoFan.  You may buy single tickets or season passes here. 


  • Annual Family Membership Dues:  Please support our JV and Varsity student-athletes by joining our Whitman All-Sports Boosters Club!  Our annual family membership dues are $55.  These dues cover all JV/Varsity sports, for every season, for your entire family.  We fund many athletic improvements and safety enhancements for our Vikings and whole community (i.e. new stadium scoreboard exterior, improved stadium speakers, gym floor maintenance, weight room additions, team bags/equipment/mats/balls/training aides, etc…)  To join, click the “Join Boosters” tab at the top!
  • Mock SAT and ACT Tests:  All of our Whitman students (primarily 10th and 11th graders) are invited to take these practice SAT/ACT tests at Whitman in the fall and spring each year.  Mock tests are a great way for our Whitman families to gain familiarity with the test formats, build confidence, and decide which test, the ACT or the SAT, is a better fit for each student.  Go to the “Mock SAT and ACT” tab on our boosters club website for more details.  
  • Holiday Tree Sale:  Our boys lacrosse team typically sells holiday trees and wreaths every December at Whitman.  
  • Mulch Sale in the spring:  Order online and have mulch delivered to your door.  Go to www.wwasbc.com in the spring.  
  • Concessions at games:  Everything is better with food and drinks!    
  • Advertising:  You’re invited to publicize via signs in Jerome Marco Stadium and/or our baseball field and via our website.  Email Sam LeBlanc for details at sam.leblanc@ejfrealestate.com  
  • Team youth clinics and other fundraisers:  Many of our teams share their love for their respective sports with our future Whitman Vikings!  Clinics are a fun way for younger kids to learn from our current students.  Updates on these clinics and fundraisers are typically included in WhitNet’s “Community Announcements” and other platforms. 
  • “The Black and White”:  (www.theBlackandWhite.net)  Whitman’s official student-run newspaper (online and print) spotlights many of our sports teams regularly.  For example, did you know that our new Field Hockey coach, Krishna Jaitly, graduated from Whitman in 2013 and shares her love for field hockey with our teams!  Once a Viking, always a Viking!  Check out the article on her online. 
  • “Whitman Shorts”:  (Click here) “Whitman Shorts” is a student-directed broadcast journalism course that showcases students and extracurricular activities.  Check out the “Poms” segment in Episode One! 
  • Individual JV/Varsity team social media sites:  Our various teams run their own social media sites on Twitter, Instagram, etc.   
  • Other ways to find sports’ info:  Whitman administrators send periodic updates via Canvas and/or ConnectEd/Blackboard.  Also, via WhitNet, some sports info is listed here:  “Morning Announcements,” “Whitman Week Ahead”, and “Community Announcements”.  
  • Non JV/Varsity Sports:  Our Whitman students play many other non JV/Varsity sports, such as ice hockey, squash, crew, water polo, etc.  They are not affiliated officially with our Whitman All-Sports Boosters Club nor MCPS/Whitman.  These teams manage their own programs and social media platforms. 
  • Wear your Whitman spiritwear:  To find the best selection of t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, shorts, pants, bags, pajamas, accessories, etc…; go to our “SHOP” tab at www.WhitmanAthletics.net!